About the LRC

The Learning Resource Center, Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, came into existence with the merger of SVITS and SVSM libraries in the year 2015 with the establishment of the university. The LRC has a rich collection of books and research journals in the field of Agriculture, Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Management, Pure Sciences and allied subjects. The LRC aims to develop a balanced collection of reading materials to cater to the needs of the academic community. Currently, the LRC has 48000+ volumes and 120+ national and international research journals to cater to the information needs of the faculty, research scholars and the students. The LRC has a seating capacity for 250 members. The LRC subscribes and provide access to 11000+ E-journals and 20000+ e-books on intranet.

Library Services

The library thrives to provide the following services to meet the requirements of the library users.

BASIC SERVICES Book issue and return
Reference service
Photocopy service
Competitive examination collection
Previous year question papers
News clipping service
New arrival of books
Access to e-journals
Access to e-books
Institutional repositories
Mobile application of library services
Remote access to e-resources
Research support services
Ask your Librarian

The Team

Sr. No. Name Designation
01 Dr. G.Hemasundar Naidu Chief Librarian
02 Dr. Subhash Khode Librarian
03 Dr. Pankaja Tiwari Assistant Librarian
04 Mr. Keshav Rao Patil Assistant Librarian
05 Mr. Arvind Sahu Assistant Librarian
06 Mrs. Hemlata Goyal Library Assistant
07 Mrs. Manisha Rathore Library Assistant
08 Mrs. Neha Jain Library Assistant
09 Mr. Shubham Karole Library Assistant
10 Mr. Ram Prasad Pal Book Lifter
11 Mr. Jitendra Chouhan Book Lifter
12 Mr. Sanjay Yadav Book Lifter
13 Mr. Ashok Farkhade Book Lifter

Library Rules

  1. The LRC will remain open from 8.00 AM to 5.30PM on all working days.
  2. All the members of the LRC are requested to download the mobile app of the library OPAC for accessing the library details 24*7. The Numbers are also requested to use the QR code for IN/OUT entry of the library.
  3. The registered members of the LRC can use the facilities and services. All the Students, Faculty members, and research scholars, who got enrolment number are eligible to use the library facilities and services.
  4. 4. Faculty members and other staff members may apply for membership in the prescribed form along with a passport-size photo at the beginning of the academic year.
  5. The registered members shall be permitted to borrow books by producing valid Identity card of the university. The entitlement of books and loan period are given below:
  6. Category Number of books Loan Period
    Students(UG) 3 15 days
    Students(PG) 4 15 days
    Research Scholars 5 30 days
    Faculty 6 Four cards entitled for six months and two cards are entitled for 30 days duration.
  7. All the members of the LRC shall maintain PIN DROP SILENCE.
  8. When there is a demand for a book issued to student, the book will be recalled by LRC for the use of other members.
  9. Student members and research scholars are requested to return books before the due date failing which a fine of @ Rs 2/- per day per book shall be charged.
  10. Reference books, journals, magazines and newspapers will not be issued to the members.
  11. Neither LRC nor University shall be responsible for the loss of any personal property in the LRC.
  12. Members are requested to check books when issued. If they notice any defect, they should immediately bring it to the notice of the LRC staff on duty. The last borrower of the book shall be responsible for any damage found to the book.
  13. Personal books and other personal belongings, such as handbags, folders, rain-coats, etc., shall not be allowed inside LRC.
  14. If an issued book has been misplaced, damaged, or lost by the student, then the same must be replaced with the latest edition. In case, the replacement is not done, the members will have to pay double the cost of the current edition price. In addition to the above, the members shall also have to pay the fine against the book issued.
  15. Consumption of food and other beverages is strictly prohibited in the LRC.
  16. Mobile phone shall be in silent mode in the LRC.
  17. Computers and Internet facility in the LRC will be used only for academic purposes.
  18. A member who fails to comply with LRC Rules shall not be permitted from making use of the LRC.
  19. Members are not supposed to lend their Readers Ticket to others to borrow books from the LRC. LRC facilities will be withdrawn for members in such cases.
  20. In case a member loses his/ her Reader’s Ticket, the member should report the loss of ticket immediately to the Librarian and apply for a Duplicate card in the prescribed form by paying Rs. 100/- per ticket. Members are responsible for books issued against their lost tickets.
  21. Issued With the approval of the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor

Print Journals

To cater to the research needs of the faculty, research scholars and post graduate students, the university subscribes to 200 + national and international journals for their use. The List of Print Journals is available at: excel sheet enclosed separately.

Electronic Journals

To Keep pace with the technological changes in handling the information resources and to provide better e access to information the university is subscribing to large number of electronic resources viz; Journals, databases and institutional subscription . The resources are

SNO Name of the Database URL No. of Journals/ Databases
1 Current Science 1
3 Emerald Insight 49
4 IEEE(ASPP+POP) 25899
5 J-Gate: Science and Technology 19518
6 K-Hub:Architecture 4376
7 Manupatra 1
8 ICT Academy Journals 6
9 Institution of Engineers(India) Journals 5
Total 49856
Access through Subscription from SVIM
10 Captline 1
11 CRISIL(Industry data) 10
12 EBSCO Business Source Elite (Plus Ebooks) 1320
13 1
14 J-Gate:Management and Social Scs 12000
14 Sage Journals 17
Total 13349

Library OPAC

For Library OPAC visit:

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